Not everyone knows that they can get cash from their unused diabetic strips, so they just throw them away together with the used strips. For those who know that they can sell their test strips will sell them for a number of different reasons. A number of diabetic patients who get their strips through the mail from mail order companies receive more than what they actually need, leaving them with many extra boxes of diabetes strips. Other reasons for selling is due to changing testing requirements, like when they need not to test as often, or their specialist has changed the prescription to a different brand, or that they are no longer in need of testing for a some other reasons. Passing away of a loved who was a diabetic is another reason people sell their unused test strips.

For-Diabetics will buy all of your extra or unused diabetic test strips at the best prices. It’s easy as 1-2-3. We will even pay for the cost to mail your strips. If you are in the Philadelphia, PA area, we can meet you, to buy your strips, but if not, it is a piece of cake to mail them. We pay your unused diabetic test strips on (or within, whichever applies) day/s.

Everyday, we buy test strips in cities throughout the US. They sell to us, because we protect them, by using PayPal. PayPal posts the payment to your account, almost immediately. And, the best part is that if you provide the tracking number, you will know exactly when we received the package you sent.

If you have a PayPal account, we will pay you the day you contact us. We will just need the email address that is linked to your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, we will mail a check to you for the quoted amount, the day we receive the shipment from you containing the test strips. There is no nonsense at for-diabetes.com. We know that if you are happy with the customer service you receive from us, you will use our services again and again.

Ready your Test Strips available for shipping, and use the packing slip to enter your product information, and how you would like to be paid (Company Check, Paypal, etc.). Once we receive your package, you will receive your payment within hours!

We purchase most major brands of diabetic testing strips. Our friendly customer support staff is available to answer any questions you may have.

Prepare your Test Strips for shipping, and take them to your local USPS and buy a USPS Priority Shipping (2-3 day). Label and choose the small or medium flat rate box, depending on how many boxes of test strips you are sending to us. The boxes are free, you’ll just pay for the appropriate label, based on the box you select.

Many of our customers ask what we do with the extra test strips we buy. The answer is that we sell them to folks who have to pay for their own test strips and get little or no help from their insurance provider. It is cheaper for them to buy from us, than it is to buy them from a retail pharmacy or chain store. This makes it so that the buyer can decide to test, like they should be, because it is more affordable, now. Selling your test strips helps them and earns you some quick cash.

Here is how we price unused test strips:
· $16 per box for 50 count boxes and $32 for 100 of One Touch & Bayer.
· $20 per box for 50 count boxes and $40 per box for 100 count boxes of FreeStyle Lite & Accu-Chek

Sell & buy diabetic test strips at For-Diabetes.com today. Get quick cash for test strips only through our reliable services. You can also buy diabetes strips and diabetes supplies for less from us. You don’t have to add more worries just to find the supplies that you need to ensure that your health concern will be addressed quicker than it should be. Buy diabetes strip cheap and securely from us. Our very responsive customer support will be there to address any concern that you may have while and after processing your request.

Don’t let unused diabetes testing supplies go to waste! Now, you can earn up to $50 per box on Accu-Chek, Buyer, Freestyle, One Touch, and more. Contact us today and ask for a free quote.Remember that your unused test strips will benefit others who need them most, while at the same time earns you cash fast. Help yourself while helping others as well.

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