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11 major food items that can successfully support diabetes

The blood sugar problem in a human body is most commonly known as diabetes disease in many individuals. Diabetes is such as chronic disorder that mainly results due to the insufficient synthesis of sugar hormone called insulin or its inadequate coordination with the body cells and tissues in the body. Apart from being particular about the intake of your additional supplements to your body, you also need to regulate your blood pressure, cholesterol level and adequate body weight for keeping yourself fit and healthy for lifetime.

If you are a diabetic patient then you must focus on maintaining perfect balance between your diabetic state and associated risk factors or complications of diabetes. People with diabetes need to be extra alert regarding the intake of specific food for diabetes condition.  Most importantly, instead of monitoring the total percentage of calories or fats, you must focus on your diet and maintain all healthy and balanced eating habits to have a control over your diabetes.

11 effective food items for controlling diabetes condition

This specific article is mainly pointing out some essential food items that are totally suitable for your diabetes state and can help you to control your diabetes for prolonged time. Some of the useful food items that can prevent you from severity of diabetes in a long run are described below:


Eating non starchy vegetables: As per the medical professionals, starch can easily disturb the blood sugar level in your body. Hence, diabetic patient should mainly focus on non-starchy vegetables such as, spinach, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower etc, as they are rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. At the same time, all these vegetables also act as a fiber and help to control your diabetes for prolonged time.  You can also maintain a healthy body weight on consuming such food items.


Concentrate on oatmeal or oat flakes: If you introduce oatmeal or oat flakes for at least one time of your daily meal then it can actually help in regulating the blood sugar level in your body. This is because oats meals are consist of crucial nutrients and fibers.Oat meal or flakes also take longer time for its complete digestion and do not disturb the blood sugar level due to the lower glycemic index value carried by them.


Maximize the intake of nuts and flaxseeds: Nuts are one of the best snacks for diabetes patients. Any type of nuts like almonds, walnuts or peanuts is also considered to be one of the richest sources of monosaturated fats that do not harm your body in terms of increasing your body weight.  You can also start the intake of flaxseeds as they are richest source of soluble fiber.


Increase the intake of fruits like berries: Fruits can greatly contribute in controlling your diabetes state as they are basically the richest source of vitamins, minerals and fibers. At the same time, they also contain a very lesser content of carbohydrate that generally contributes in elevating the blood sugar level. However, few fruits like strawberries and berries contain a very lesser amount of carbohydrate into them. Hence, it can hardly harm your body.


Include legumes in your daily diet: Legumes can positively help your body to have a control over your diabetes due to their very less glycemic index and higher content of fiber present into them.


Intake of only cold water fish: All cold water fishes such as, salmon, albacore tuna etc, are richest source of omega-3 fatty acids and can successfully help in enhancing your mood and concentration as well and without harming the blood sugar level in the body.


Eat dark chocolate: A diabetic patient can also satisfy his or her temptation to have something sweet. Few pieces of dark chocolate can never affect the blood sugar level in your body.


Prefer olive oil over other types of oil: The consumption of heart healthy oil like olive oil can indeed prevent you from heart complications and keep your body fit and healthy for prolonged time. Olive oil also contains monosaturated fats, hence it can never affect the blood sugar level of your body.


Avocado: Avocado is one such fruit that greatly contributes in keeping your body away from several heart complications and hence, proven to be a good diabetic food.


Sweet potatoes: As per the researchers, sweet potatoes are having low value of glycemic index; hence, they do not really contribute in elevating the sugar content in your body. Therefore, consumption of sweet potato instead of potatoes should be included in diet for diabetes patients.


Beans:  A diabetic diet must entail beans as they are richest source of antioxidants and completely free of fats. They also provide enough fibers to a human body and hence, beans are actually a super food for all diabetes patients.


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