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5 Crucial Components to Manage Diabetes Mellitus

What would be the primary concern for you when thinking about diabetes management? The answer would a bundle of strategies you are going to implement in your daily life to pull down the level of sugar in your blood. What are those strategies? Here, we are going to discuss about some crucial components of diabetes mellitus management. Following these, you can avoid the vascular and neuropathic complications. To avoid diabetes, you need to follow certain lifestyle, physical and emotional discipline in your daily life. Diabetes has become a serious health issue these days and you need to monitor your health everyday when suffering from this disease. Managing diabetes includes 5 important components namely exercise, nutrition therapy, monitoring, pharmacologic therapy and education.

Crucial Components to Manage Diabetes Mellitus
Exercise: Regular exercising is good for health and always advised by physicians. The sedentary lifestyle we follow today is the primary reason for development of many diseases including diabetes. Regular exercising lowers your blood sugar level as glucose is used in energy formation that is utilized during the exercising session. It also inactivates your cells and increase insulin absorption by the cells. Moreover, it alters the blood lipid concentration and increases the high-density lipoproteins in the body. These are the good cholesterols and are good for health. There are certain peak hours that are best for exercising as the blood sugar level is high during that period and it thus it maintains proper concentration of blood glucose level.


Nutrition: If you want to maintain proper blood glucose level with a proper diet, you need to be disciplined with your meals. Most important factor to be considered includes having proper nutrition through your diet. Here are some tips regarding the same:

  • It should provide enough energy to the body
  • It should be healthy in regards to proper weight management
  • A regular routine should be followed for meal intakes
  • High fat diet and soft drinks should be avoided
  • Never skip a meal and try to have smaller meals at a greater frequency rather than having a large meal twice a day

Monitoring: Try self-monitoring if your blood glucose level. It can make a big change in the treatment process. Once you get aware of some basics of the disease and the monitoring procedure, you can easily make decision to obtain maximum benefit from your treatment procedure. It will help you learn how to respond to the blood glucose levels in your body. Most of the patients are advised to keep their blood glucose level within a certain limit. If you monitor yourself on your own, you can get to know when you have to exercise or when give it a break as per your blood glucose level.

Pharmacology: In case of diabetes 1, your body is not able to produce insulin and so you need insulin doses for your lifetime and in diabetes 2, your body needs to be provided insulin on a long-term basis if meal planning and oral supplementation is not proving helpful. In cases of type 2 diabetes in which meal planning are effective enough, you only need to give insulin to the patients during situations of surgery, pregnancy, illness, etc.

Education: Diabetes is a serious health problem and once diagnosed you need to be under precautions for your lifetime and even after you be treated. It is a disease affected by both physical as well as emotional factors. Therefore, you need to control various factors to maintain and manage proper blood glucose level. Your meal planning can play a crucial role in preventing your fluctuations in the blood glucose level. Patients must have knowledge about the causes, side effects, medication, treatment, etc.


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