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5 Tips for Diabetes Prevention

Approximately, 25 million people in United States are suffering from diabetes and it is almost 10% of the overall population. Type 2 diabetes is the more common form of the disease that is caused due to improper diet and lifestyle. This disease has now started attacking people in the early adulthood and even children. It damages your kidneys, heart and can even lead to premature death. These numbers really seem nuts. The way diabetes is engulfing more and more people with every passing day brings an alarming situation where we need to think of the precautions or the ways to lower the risk of diabetes development in people. If you desire to stay aloof from diabetes, you need to bring some changes in your diet and lifestyle. 5 important measures are mentioned below which can help you lower your risk of diabetes.

5 Tips for Diabetes Prevention

1) Get fit: Overweight people are at a greater risk of diabetes development. It has been observed that carrying extra weight around your abdominal region is one of the major factors that lead to type2 diabetes. Excessive body weight is associated with a condition known s metabolic syndrome, which is considered as a crucial reason for development of type2 diabetes. However, if you plan and successfully lose weight, you can prevent this health issue and keep yourself safe from this disease.

2) Get Active: Exercising regularly is always advised by medical professionals. Diabetic people can benefit a lot by regular exercising. It assists your cells in better absorption and utilization of insulin. Thus, the pancreas need not produce excess of it or you nee not take any supplement if the amount of insulin secreted in your body is well utilized. It has been found that both the aerobic as well as strength training exercises are helpful in maintaining proper glucose level in the body. Exercising burns calories and sugar in the body so as to generate energy. Thus it lowers the level of glucose in the body. A simple walking for 30 minutes in a day can be of great help for a diabetic patient.

3) Drink Healthy: Soft drinks are not good for health. It has been observed that even a single soft drink a day can increase the risk of getting affected by diabetes. On the other hand coffee can work another way and help you stay protected against diabetes. Having 4 cups of coffee in a day can keep your blood glucose level in control.


4) Have Healthy Diet: Having a healthy diet can help you stay protected from diabetes. Packaged foods rich in sugar and processed carbohydrates can lead to sudden rise in the blood glucose level. It may cause fluctuations to occur in your blood glucose level and can cause the cells to become resistant to insulin. Replace the processed carbohydrates with whole grains and vegetables. This stabilizes your blood sugar level and prevents your pancreas from over working.

5) Get Aware of Your Family History: If there were people in your family who suffered from diabetes, you are at greater risk of diabetes. In such a case, start making changes in your diet and lifestyle so as to prevent its occurrence. Keep control of you weight, stay active and eat healthy diet. Adults above the age of 45 must go through blood glucose level checkups every 3 years.


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