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Africa: Unhealthy Eating Can Lead to Diabetes

Kampala, Uganda — Diabetes has become one of the most aggressively-spreading lifestyle diseases. Currently diabetes seems to affect people without any discrimination for gender, age or race.

To most people, satisfying hunger and thirst are the most important problems to address rather than giving the body the right food for the best performance.

The unhealthy food you eat may lead to several minor health problems or some major breakdowns in your body. Not only unhealthy food but also the unhealthy food habits play a big role in the major health problems.

Diabetes is one of the major body breakdowns that results from unhealthy eating lifestyles. Recently the minister of health, Christine Ondoa warned Ugandans on their unhealthy eating lifestyles that have led to an increase in the spread of diabetes.

The minister noted tinned foods, junk or fast foods and red meat among others as some of the leading causes of diabetes and if not controlled will rank diabetes the leading cause of death in Africa and the world at large.

“Diabetes is largely controlled by the individual through what he or she takes into the body and is it is not addressed, it may the world’s number one killer by 2015,” Ondoa warned.

In today’s fast paced life many people don’t care whether their diet is healthy or not. They eat the unhealthy food ranging from some pizza, fast foods or anything from the road side stalls. Most fast food is full of saturated fat, fatty acids, sugar and salt and contributes to numerous health problems diabetes inclusive.

Ondoa noted that diabetes can be prevented if our food habits are corrected thus making food habits responsible for causing diabetes.

Dr. Robert Kalyesubula of Mulago hospital says Junk food has become a tradition in the youngsters these days as they dislike hustling around and waiting for well cooked local foods for longer hours.

“They do not know or may not care much about the side effects of this mouth watering food. It can lead to problems like constipation, obesity and diabetes. Instead we should develop a habit of eating fruits of our choice,” Dr. Kalyesubula said.

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