Quick Cash For Unused Diabetic Test Strips

Earn money simply by selling your excess diabetic testing supplies. It’s easy! It only takes a few simple steps to Diabetes requires regular monitoring. Needless to say, every diabetic needs to have a kit to test their blood sugar. Many buy or receive diabetic supplies, and once they don’t need the test strips, some perfectly good boxes are abandoned and left to gather dust. As the test strips has a relatively short shelf life, they are eventually disposed of. Now, you don’t have to let something good be thrown out in the garbage when you can earn money when you sell diabetic test strips. At For-Diabetics, we buy diabetic test strips so you don’t need to worry where your unused diabetic strips may be disposed of without having the guilt of the money for diabetic test strips that you could have saved for all the excess supplies that you have collected.

It may seem that you have wasted so much for all those diabetic supplies. The fact that countless others who are also suffering from the same physical difficulty, are overcoming a number of obstacles every time to ensure that they can constantly secure for themselves the supplies they need to ensure that their blood sugar level is properly monitored. Well, if you think that it is better if you just donate unused diabetic supplies instead of selling them, you are most welcome to do so. Remember that everything you give away is a treasure that others will be grateful for. In any case, you want money for diabetic test strips, you know where to go. We assure you that your concern will be addressed appropriately. Sell unused diabetic test strips and get cash in return. It takes a few simple steps to get quick cash for diabetic test strips.

· Sell unused diabetic supplies. Make sure that the expiration dates must be eight (8) months to expiration for full price, less if expiration dates are closer.

· Organize the supplies you want to send over to us by their manufacturer, type, and box size. Remember not to tear off the labels. However, if you don’t want to include your information, you can use a soft, felt-tip marker for the same. Please note that we do not accept damaged boxes.

· Request a free quote, by telling us the brand, the count per box (50 or 100), exp date and how many boxes you’d like to sell. Simply email us at: [email protected] Or just call or text us at (484) 350-4690. We will get right back with your price quote and shipping details. And you can get ready to get paid!

· Ship the diabetic supplies to us. Once you have filled in the form, decide whether you want us to collect the supplies from your home or office, or you want to ship the supplies to us

Our shipment address is:

Mike Koller
1404 Royal Oak Drive
Blue Bell, PA 19422

Please note that we reimburse the shipment fee in full along with the payment for your diabetic supplies. If you use USPS Priority, as suggested, you can also track the shipment through the following website: usps.com, using the tracking number provided by your local post office. The tracking number will be right on the postal receipt.

With For-Diabetics, you have a reliable partner when you want to sell diabetes strips online. Remember that doing this increases the possibility of those looking for diabetic supplies to get them right away, even at a more affordable price. Any time you want to have cash for test strips, you can just contact us by phone or by e-mail and we will respond to them the soonest we can.

Sell blood glucose test strips and not only get cash for doing so, but bring smile to those who need those test strips more.

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