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Diabetes and your child

Getting diagnosed with diabetes at an early age of childhood is surely something that may make you go mad and full of worries about your kid. Diabetes is a condition in which your blood glucose level rises above normal and causes harm to many of your internal organs including kidney and heart. Once your child is diagnosed with this disease, you need to take proper care of his food and lifestyle. Just being diagnosed by diabetes doesn’t mean that it can snatch away the freedom of your child. He can still live a normal life that other children do. However, you may need to take care of your child on a daily basis.

As soon as your child is diagnosed of diabetes, you should get him under a diabetes care team. Such teams may offer treatment at the hospital or at your home depending on the seriousness of the disease. Here you learn about the conditions your child is facing as well as glucose testing process, insulin giving and food and exercise trainings. The care team you choose should have the following:

  • Children’s diabetes specialist nurse
  • Consultant pediatrician
  • Children’s dietitian
  • Psychologist specialized in child psychology


The cases of diabetes in children have increased to a great level these days. There are certain symptoms that may point towards the presence of diabetes in your kid. Often the symptoms of diabetes are not recognized early and this to background development of the disease due to ignorance.

lower your risk of diabetesSymptoms of diabetes

  • Your child may drink more due to frequent thirst
  • Your child may be more susceptible to infections
  • Blurred vision may come and go in your child and so he may not complain regarding it
  • Healing time for cuts and bruises may increase
  • He may experience numbness in hands and feet but this may also come and go
  • Child may go for urination more often
  • Excessive hunger is also a symptom of diabetes
  • Sometimes the child may experience unusual weight loss

If you can notice one-to-many of the above discussed symptoms in your child, you should get him/her diagnosed for the same so that early and proper treatment can be followed. On the other hand a proper food and exercise routine will lower your risk of diabetes as well as your children.


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