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Diabetes Insipidus Causes, Diagnosis & Treatments

Diabetes is a chronic disease that involves the improper functioning of a special hormone called insulin during energy production in the body. Mostly, people talk about diabetes in terms of irregular blood sugar level in the body. However, on the other side, there is also one rare type of diabetes called diabetes insipidus and this disease has nothing to do with sugar level in the bloodstream.

Diabetes insipidus is basically a hormone dependent disorder that includes excessive urination experienced by the patient. It mainly results due to the malfunctioning of kidney which includes its inability to retain water in the body system. As a result, intake of water automatically gets raised by the individual. Overall, drinking water in a larger amount results into excessive urination by the patient and may even face interruption into their sleeping hours and normal health of the person. This specific article includes detailed information about the major causes, diagnosis and treatment methods for diabetes insipidus.

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Main causes of diabetes insipidus

Diabetes insipidus is totally a hormone dependent disorder in a human body. The hormone called antidiuretic hormone (ADH) when gets imbalanced or faces any sort of fluctuation then it quite often results into the condition of diabetes insipidus. The ADH hormone is an important hormone that is synthesized by the hypothalamus portion of the brain. The main function of this ADH hormone is to regulate the water holding capacity of kidneys in urinary system. The discharge of highly concentrated urine is one of the common symptom or signs for diabetes insipidus. Overall, the main cause of diabetes insipidus is the ADH hormone and its concentration which fluctuates in a drastic manner. And such condition directly affects the functions of kidney in a major way. The patient with diabetes insipidus problem may also get a severe dehydration problem in his or her life.

Diagnosis of diabetes insipidus

People who are facing symptoms like uncontrollable thirst and frequent urination must try to get adequate medical care for themselves. Diagnosis of this specific type of diabetes is done with the help of various tests and techniques such as, water deprivation test, analysis of urine, family history, imaging techniques and likewise. During the water deprivation test, the patient should stop his or her intake of water or any other forms of fluid for few hours as it helps doctor to monitor changes through body weight, urine concentration and frequency of urination. This close diagnosis also includes the monitoring of ADH hormone level in the blood to determine the actual need of the body. On the other side, analysis of urine in terms of its physical appearance and extreme concentrated form of it directly indicates the probability of diabetes insipidus in the body. At the same time, some of the imaging techniques such as, MRI can also greatly contribute for identifying any major abnormality in the brain cells or near to the pituitary gland which is the main location of ADH hormone.

Different ways of treatment for diabetes insipidus

Treatment for diabetes insipidus is only possible through the oral medication and after proper consultation with your physician or related medical professional. At the same time, adequate consumption of fluid or say simple water can also help in controlling the side effects of diabetes insipidus, i.e, dehydration state due to the uncontrolled and frequent urination by the patient.


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