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Diagnosis Diabetes

Anyone can get diabetes. You can’t run away from it, but you can control it with medication and weight loss. Even better, with good eating habits and exercise you might get off without medication. You might feel fat and silly working out with people who are in better shape, but it’s worth it and you will feel wonderful when the weight starts dropping off. If you can afford it, it’s worthwhile to hire a personal trainer to start you off on the right path. When you’re familiar with the routine you can do it all yourself.

When you’re determined enough you’ll see results. The body was built to move, so move as much as is possible. Bodies weren’t made for sitting on the couch, inactivity is your enemy. Good diabetes control also protects against the number one killer, cardiovascular disease. Although you may have over weight family members, Genetics is not an issue. Overweight is a result of the acceptance of bad eating habits and not enough exercise.

It is very important to control weight gain, but keeping your diabetes under control is even more important. The reason for life changes must be more important to you than the reason for staying the same. Diabetes medications can cause weight gain, usually weight gain is an accepted side effect of insulin because of the benefits. The reason being that insulin is a growth hormone that makes fat tissue. Does that mean you must resign yourself to weight gain? No, it doesn’t.

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