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Don’t ignore these 5 signs of diabetes in children

Diabetes is one of the most common – and increasingly prevalent – chronic diseases in children. For parents, the challenge is recognizing the symptoms in their child.

Since the onset is slow and the changes are subtle, diabetes often isn’t recognized until a child is very ill, usually in conjunction with another illness.

So how do parents know if their child has diabetes? Keep an eye out for these five common signs:

• An increase in thirst or urination.

• Lethargy.

• Increased appetite with sudden or unexplained weight loss.

• Vision changes.

• A fruity odor to the breath.

A doctor should be consulted for any of those symptoms, because the symptoms may have other causes besides diabetes. If the doctor suspects diabetes, a diagnosis can be made by looking at the results of one fasting blood sugar test or two random blood sugar tests.

After a child has been diagnosed, many parents realize in retrospect that the symptoms of diabetes had been present for quite some time.

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