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Effective Natural Cure For Diabetes

What is diabetes ?

Diabetes or Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease which results in high blood sugar where either the insulin production is not proper or the body cells do not respond properly to insulin. Diabetes is of two types known as type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes is more common than type 2 in which the production of insulin completely stops. People suffering from type 1 diabetes need to take insulin injections and conduct regular blood tests to check the glucose levels in the blood. Type 2 diabetes can be developed in overweight or obese people where insulin is not produced in proper amounts.

Medicines for diabetes :

Though there are many medicines available for curing diabetes but the , herbal cure for diabetes is found to be much more satisfying and long lasting. Sticking to a raw diet, taking less fruits and more vegetables is one important change in your lifestyle, but using different natural remedies for diabetes could help you control diabetes to a great extent. Some natural herbs which can be used are stated below :

  • Fig leaves : Fig leaves have anti diabetic properties and if taken early morning with breakfast, then the usage of insulin injections can be eliminated to some extent.
  • Cinnamon : A ½ spoon of cinnamon every day can reduce cholesterol levels, as it softens the cell membranes which in turns lowers the insulin level.
  • Grape seed Extract : It protects the liver and activates the defensive mechanism against the reactive oxygen. These extracts can be taken in the form of capsules.
  • Olive Oil : Taking olive oil in food can reduce the blood levels and control the cholesterol to a great extent



The above mentioned herbs are a natural cures for diabetes and if combined with proper diet and workout, then the results can be much more amazing. It will give you quick relief and make you more active. The natural herbs and spices have natural properties to treat diabetes in a great way. There are some other  Alternative medicine for diabetes which are easy to use and give you relief to a great extent.



Other home remedies :

To keep the blood glucose level low, using bitter gourd in your diet can be very beneficial. You can also have bitter gourd juice every morning on an empty stomach. Just remove the seeds, add some water and grind it in juicer. You can also eat it as a vegetable every day. Eating guava is also a Diabetes natural cure where you need to peel the skin of guava before eating. However, the consumption should not be more. One effective home remedy is to soak 10 to 15 leaves of mango tree overnight in water and drink the water in the morning.

The most important natural sources for fighting diabetes is, exposure to sunlight which will enhance the functioning of vitamin D in the body and drinking plenty of water which mobilizes the sugar content in the blood. Adopting a natural way to cure diabetes is much healthier and keeps you fit as well.


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