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Faustman Research Update: Beta Cell Function Persists in Long-Time Type 1 PWDs

The famous and controversial diabetes cure researcher Dr. Denise Faustman has just published exciting new research results showing evidence that “insulin production may persist for decades after the onset of type 1 diabetes” and “beta cell functioning also appears to be preserved in some patients years after apparent loss of pancreatic function.” Her study results appears in the March issue of the journal Diabetes Care.

“The traditional concept is that in type 1 diabetes, the pancreas is dead within two years. What this data now shows is that it’s not an acute disease where the pancreas dies in that short interval. Rather, in the majority of people, it’s a gradual, slow decline,” explained Dr. Faustman, when I spoke to her on the phone last week.

“This opens the question of what is the window for people with long-stage diabetes to still have a chance of being rescued. The time course of the disease is altered by this data!”

Dr. Faustman is nothing if not enthusiastic. One could even describe her as bubbly — which may account in part for the passionate following she’s amassed for her controversial approach to cure research, using a substance called BCG vaccine to kill off the cells that attack the insulin-producing cells in type 1 diabetics.

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