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Gestational diabetes- Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Diabetes is indeed a precarious metabolic disorder that includes a severe imbalance of blood sugar level in a human body. This chronic disorder can be either insulin dependent or non-insulin dependent Gestational diabetes is one such type that specifically develops in a pregnant lady. From past several years, gestational diabetes is widely spread in the United States and about ten percent of pregnancy cases include the threat of gestational diabetes. This specific diabetes can harm both the mother as well as the child. However, it is essential to treat such disorder at very initial stage of it as it can leads to many risks to the mother in later stage of life as well. This specific article will help you to obtain complete information about gestational diabetes including causes, symptoms or signs and treatment.


What actually happens in gestational diabetes?

The gestational diabetes mainly occur when the body stops synthesizing enough of pancreatic hormone, called insulin and causes insufficient supply of sugar or say results into abnormal blood sugar level during pregnancy. There are certain factors that can actually cause the higher risk of developing gestational diabetes by the woman. Some of the common causes for gestational diabetes are:

  • Pregnancy taking place after the age of 25

  • Any family history of diabetes

  • The high blood pressure condition in a mother’s body

  • A case of miscarriage or still birth of the baby in the past history

  • Presence of excessive amniotic fluid during pregnancy

  • Having overweight condition since before the pregnancy period

  • If there is any birth defect or complication during delivery and the baby weighed more than nine pounds

All above mentioned points are the most common causes for resulting diabetic state in many pregnant ladies. However, symptoms or signs associated with gestational diabetes are equally important to be noticed by the patient and the doctor as well. The blood sugar level in a pregnant lady usually returns back to normal once the delivery is done. Therefore, no major sign or symptom is actually associated with gestational diabetes as this disorder is mostly mild and does not result into any serious complication to the woman. Some of the major signs or symptoms are mentioned below:

  • Complications related to vision

  • Case of infections especially in the body parts such as, vagina, bladder and skin

  • Vomiting tendency

  • Excessive urination

  • Constant weight loss during pregnancy

  • Fatigue

Treatment for gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes does not really cause any major harm to the mother but it may generate the risks for developing diabetes in rest of their life. If the gestational diabetes remains untreated then it may also cause the health complications such as high blood pressure, breathing problems, and low blood sugar problem for baby and many more. Some major delivery complications like injuries to the mother due to large size baby can also occur. Hence, it becomes real important to treat gestational diabetes as early as possible. It is important that your daily diet must include all nutritious food items such as, fruits, vegetables, controlled intake of fats and calories etc, can significantly contribute in treating the gestational diabetes during pregnancy. A definite meal plan and suitable physical exercises or mild workouts can successfully contribute in treating the gestational diabetes during pregnancy. In few of the cases, doctors may recommend the supply of insulin through injection or any outer source to fulfill the need of the body.

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