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How Natural Aphrodisiacs Ginseng and Saffron Can Boost Your Sex Drive

Your day-to-day life can eat up your time and attention so much so that certain aspects – such as your sex life – can get put on the back burner. Over time, your sex drive may begin to lag due to stress, exhaustion or even poor health.

Relationships rely on the intimacy and connection that sex provides. When you want to add some sizzle in the bedroom…you don’t have to turn to pharmaceutical drugs. Natural aphrodisiacs– food and drinks that boost sexual desire – can give you that “little something extra” without the harmful side effects of drugs.

Why Try A Natural Aphrodisiac?

All aphrodisiacs – natural and synthetic – affect your body on a chemical level by lowering stress, improving blood flow and causing certain areas of your brain to “wake up.”

These chemical and hormonal changes in your arousal reflex are the first step to activating a healthy sex life.

In a recent study done by the University of Guelph, ginseng and saffron were the clear winners at boosting the human sex drive naturally and effectively.

Department of Food Science professor, Massimo Marcone, has this to say about the study: “Aphrodisiacs have been used for thousands of years all around the world, but the science behind the claims has never been well understood or clearly reported. Ours is the most thorough scientific review to date.”

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