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Is diabetes curable from its roots?

Diabetes is a kind of metabolic disorder that include a major imbalance of blood sugar level in the body. The synthesis of special pancreatic hormone called insulin either stops completely or there is improper coordination between the insulin hormone and the rest of body cells in the body. Unfortunately, diabetes is such a chronic disorder for which there is no specific cure known so far. However, people can successfully maintain their diabetes state with the help of some really effective treatment ways in the current time. However, medical professionals have stated that in few of the cases such as, non-insulin dependent type 2 diabetes is indeed curable after bringing some change through lifestyle and eating habits.


This specific article entails some of the recommended treatments for diabetes state that are truly effective in terms of maintaining the diabetic state to a great extent.

  • Weight loss surgery: After undergoing surgeries like weight loss surgery, people have found that their blood sugar level is completely under control. Losing extra kilos from your body or say releasing unhealthy weight from your body can significantly contribute in controlling your diabetes. Similarly, you also need to take care of some other factors such as, avoiding stress, following a healthy diet, regular exercising and likewise.

  • Use of stem cells: Researchers have already experimented with stem cells development and functions in an animal species. As you know, the significant property of stem cells is to acquire ability to convert into other kinds of cells present in the same body. Scientists have mainly provided all arrangements to convert the embryonic stem cells into pancreatic cells. The pancreatic cell usually dies in case of type 1 diabetes. However, this specific experiment has not yet performed with the human cells and hence, adequate cure for diabetes still remains as a distant dream in this field.

  • Islet cell transplantation: The transplant option for the beta cells that are specifically located in the pancreas is not that effective as this is stated by many medical professionals. This treatment method is not at all the complete and positive cure for diabetes. In most of the cases, this method has contributed in regulating the blood sugar level in the body to a great extent. At the same time, it can also prevent you from various diabetes related health complications such as, stroke, heart chronic diseases, kidney failure and problems related to the eyes or nervous system.

  • Natural therapies: Many natural therapies such as, deep breathing, suitable exercising forms for muscle relaxation etc do not really provide a definite cure for diabetes but it can successfully contribute in managing your diabetes by relieving the excessive or say uncontrollable emotional stress faced by the patient.

  • Changes related to lifestyle: Treatment for diabetes is also possible after bringing some significant change through your lifestyle. Some of the crucial activities such as, keeping a watch on everything you eat on daily basis, regular exercising, routinely consultation with your doctor etc, can indeed be greatly helpful in managing your diabetes state.

Even if you do not find any specific cure for eradicating your diabetes from its roots, you can successfully maintain your diabetes or say blood sugar level up to a certain limit and can attain equal level of life span like a healthy person.


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