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Major Risks for Diabetes in Children

Diagnosis of diabetes among children is now highly common situation these days. Especially, the percentage of children with type 1 diabetes is much higher than children with type 2 diabetes. The main cause behind the occurrence of type 1 diabetes is the inadequate synthesis of special pancreatic hormone called insulin in the body and it mainly results due to the attack of immune system on particular body cells or tissues.

23may1In case of type 1 diabetes in children, the insulin producing pancreatic cells, i.e beta cells are badly affected or say get destroyed and eventually cause the severe imbalance in blood sugar level. Type 1 diabetes is basically termed as an autoimmune disorder as the immune system destroys one of its own body tissues or cells and leads to the abnormal blood sugar level in the body.

Children who tend to get diabetes into their lives may reflect some particular symptoms or signs such as, stomach pains, headaches, behavioral changes and likewise.

Main risks for developing diabetes by the children

There are certain specific factors that are very much responsible for causing type 2 diabetes risks for children. Some of the prominent risk factors for type 2 diabetes are mentioned below:

  •     Overweight condition: Your body’s resistance towards the insulin is the major condition diagnosed in every type of diabetes. Therefore, the excessive accumulation of fatty acids ultimately supports the resistance of your body cells towards the insulin. As a result, overweight condition is one of the precarious risk factor for causing type 2 diabetes in children. Many factors like hormonal imbalance or any other medical complication may greatly contribute in increasing the body weight of your children.
  •     Lack of adequate physical activity: Lack of sufficient physical activities may seriously lead to the condition of overweight in the child’s body which ultimately supports the diabetes conditions. Exercising is extremely important as this actually helps in making adequate utilization of glucose for energy purpose and also contributes in establishing a healthy link between the insulin and body cells.
  •  Family history: The risk of developing type 2 diabetes actually increases if there are few members in the family who are already suffered from such metabolic disorder. In case of children with type 1 diabetes, combination of some genetic and environmental factors is also one of the risks for causing type 1 diabetes in very earlier stage of life, i.e childhood.
  •     Particular ethnic group: As per the medical reports, people belonging to specific group such as, Asian, American Indian, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders etc, tend to get higher risks for developing diabetes.
  •     Gender: Female gender is more prone to diabetes as compared to the male.

Some of the common symptoms associated with children diabetes such as, frequent urination, heavy breathing, fatigue, uncontrolled hunger, skin or vision problems, numbness of body parts like limbs etc, should be taken into consideration and get your child a thorough medical check up to ensure the presence of metabolic disorders like diabetes and provide adequate treatment to it.


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