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Major Signs of Diabetes

The signs and symptoms associated with diabetes greatly help in treating this metabolic disorder in very early stage of its occurrence and can actually prevent the patient from the risk of reaching the complex stage of it. However, few of the diabetes forms like type 2 diabetes do not really show any specific set of symptoms or signs and hence, diabetic condition is mostly ignored by the people. A diabetic patient is also tend to get several other long term complications of important body parts such as, heart, kidney and eyes. Most importantly, few of the basic and highly common diabetic symptoms should be taken seriously to obtain proper treatment for it as this disorder is also being the cause of death of many people from past several decades.

The aim of controlling the type 2 diabetes is possible with the help of some major precautionary measures such as, regular physical activities and consumption of a healthy diet, etc. This can profoundly help you to maintain an adequate level of blood sugar in your body. There are specific signs and symptoms that act as a warning signs for the development of diabetes in your body. There are thousands of symptoms and signs including the major effects or modifications on your skin and many more.

General Signs of Diabetes

Although type 2 diabetes does not have any defined set of signs or symptoms but diagnosis of some other types of diabetes such as, type 1 diabetes, gestational diabetes, etc. include some particular signs or symptoms that are described below:

  • Unquenchable thirst and poor appetite: The extremely high concentration of sugar in your bloodstream eventually makes you feel thirsty most of time and automatically leads to the frequent urination.

  • Frequent urination: Due to the higher level of sugar present in the body fluid, kidney starts using more fluid to filter the extra sugar in the body. As a result, you may need to visit your bathroom quite frequently.

  • Abnormal weight loss or gain: The sudden major weight loss or constant fall in your body weight without doing any specific physical activity directly indicates the higher blood sugar level in the body. At the same time, since the blood sugar level is high then it mostly flushes out of the body through urination. The consumed nutrients or calories are also lost through excessive urination in the patient’s body.

  • Blurred vision: Diabetic condition is very much capable in affecting the sensitive portion of the human body such as, eyes and its parts. Therefore, vision abnormality is one of the major signs observed in the case of diabetes.

  • Unusual feelings like nausea and vomiting: Get a continuous feeling of nausea or vomiting is one of the vital signs and symptoms of diabetes.

  • Fatigue state: People with diabetes easily show symptoms of getting tired very easily into their day-to-day life. Even after having a big meal, they can get a feel of extreme tiredness due to the insufficient supply of sugar to the muscles for energy production.

  • Extreme slow healing of cuts or wounds: The uncontrolled blood sugar level causes a major problem in healing the cuts and wounds on your body. Further, such condition also leads to a severe infection in the body and immune power may get failed to fight against it.

  • Dryness and itching of skin: The skin complications such as, dryness, appearance of boils, fungal infections etc, are also few of the noticeable signs of diabetes in many patients.

  • Numbness or tingling sensation in the body: Diabetes patients may also experience the improper functioning of the nervous system due to the higher level of glucose present in their bloodstream. Therefore, there is a chance of feeling numbness or tingling in the fingers because of the nerve damage in the case of diabetes.

When to call your doctor

If you are experiencing any unusual symptoms like dizziness, uncontrolled vomiting, blurred vision, etc. from past several days then you must go to your doctor for confirming the diabetes state. At the same time, a major drop in blood sugar level or constant irregularity in blood sugar level is also one of the considerate reasons for consulting your doctor.


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