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Popular Tests and Diagnostic Methods for Diabetes

Diabetes is indeed a widely spread metabolic disorder that has taken many lives from past several decades. And it becomes real evident if you start experiencing some symptoms like uncontrollable thirst, frequent urination, abrupt loss in body weight, uncontrolled hunger, facing mild eye problems and likewise. The occurrence of all these hormones actually helps the doctor to prescribe suitable testing methods to find out the actual stage or type of diabetes in the concerning patient. Eventually, it becomes real important that your diabetes should be correctly diagnosed in order to receive adequate treatment and cure for it.

Since this metabolic disorder mainly results due to the severe imbalance in blood sugar level, therefore, most of the tests mainly include the testing of blood and its components. However, blood can be obtained from different situation of the body such as, fasting or just randomly. The kind of diagnosing tests may vary depending upon the type of diabetes. For example, in order to determine the presence of type 1 diabetes, doctors generally go for AIC test (Glycated Hemoglobin test). Similarly, medical professionals mostly prescribe the fasting plasma glucose test, oral glucose tolerance test or casual plasma glucose in order to confirm the presence of type 2 diabetes in a patient’s body. This article includes the description of some popular tests and diagnostic methods associated with diabetes:


  • Glycated hemoglobin test (AIC Test): This specific test basically helps in determining the average value of past two to three months. It mainly tells about the blood sugar amount that is attached to the hemoglobin which is a protein located in the red blood cells. The higher number of such sugar attached hemoglobin component in your blood directly indicates the high blood sugar level in your body. The value equal to 6.5 percent or above confirms the presence of diabetes in the individual.
  • Oral glucose tolerance test: This test is mainly performed to determine the presence of diabetes in pregnant ladies which is commonly known as gestational diabetes. The prediabetic symptoms can also be monitored with the help of this test.
  • Random blood sugar test: During such tests, readings of the blood sugar level are randomly taken by the doctors. Further, if the random blood sugar level comes out to be 200 mg/ dL or more then it shows the clear sign of diabetes.
  • Fasting plasma glucose test: This kind of test includes the measurement of blood sugar level only if the patient keeps an overnight fast. Further, if the blood sugar level ranges between 125 mg/ dL or more then it reflects the clear signs or symptoms of diabetes in an individual’s life.
  • Casual plasma glucose test: The casual plasma glucose test includes the testing of blood sugar level at any time without considering the last meal time of the individual or any specific condition. The individual does not require being particular or restricting himself/herself from eating before undergoing such test. Later, if the blood sugar level comes out to be higher than 200 mg/ dL then it shows the presence of diabetes in the patient’s body.

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