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Relation between the blood sugar and headache

The fluctuation in blood sugar level can affect your body through so many ways. Medical professionals have diagnosed many health problems such as, overweight condition, diabetes and likewise. However, imbalanced intake of sugar may also leads to the condition of severe headache or migraine problems to the individual.

The imbalanced blood sugar level depends upon various factors such as, diet, medicines or even few special hormones like insulin. The intake of sugar in any form like whether it is in refined or natural form along with fiber, eventually get absorbed by the bloodstream after being converted into its simplest form, i.e, glucose.

Link between the sugar intake and migraine/headache condition

The consumption of sugar in its refined form, quite often results into sudden elevation in blood sugar level in the body. On the other side, our body reacts to this condition by the uncontrolled synthesis of insulin hormone in the body. The excessive production of insulin hormone directly affects the total concentration of glucose flowing through the bloodstream. Ultimately, a major drop in glucose level is observed in the body. It will actually results into a major constriction of blood vessels, especially arteries and provide insufficient supply of blood to the brain. As a result, severe stage of migraine may result due to the improper oxygen supply to the brain. However, if there is provision of insulin from some external sources, especially during the treatment of diabetes then such actions may also contribute in causing migraine. During such exceptional cases, the blood sugar level can suddenly drop from higher or normal level to abnormally lower level in the body. This particular condition is given a term called hyperglycemia.

blood sugar and headhache

On the other side, if the sugar level is extremely low in the bloodstream then it greatly affects the main function of the brain due to the improper supply of glucose. The body tends to get higher quantity of blood flow through the blood vessels that are located in the brain region. At the same time, there is also elevation in hormonal secretion in the body which also results into the release of stored glucose in the bloodstream. All these abnormal actions in the body eventually cause the high blood pressure condition due to the variation in the diameter of blood vessels. And it directly shows the symptoms like headache of the individual. The state of low blood sugar level in the body is commonly called as hypoglycemia.


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