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Symptoms of Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes often develops slowly from a condition called prediabetes, and symptoms may not be apparent for years. Symptoms can include excessive thirst, which develops because hyperglycemia, or high levels of glucose in the blood, acts as a sponge to pull fluid out of the body’s tissues. This leads to dehydration and extreme thirst as well as frequent urination. This also pulls fluid away from the eyes, resulting in blurred vision.

Because the body’s cells aren’t able to get the glucose they need for energy, people with type 2 diabetes may feel tired and fatigued. Without the proper energy supply for the cells, people with type 2 diabetes may feel very hungry, and weight loss may result because the body has to use other sources for energy, such as burning muscle and fat stores. High levels of sugar in the blood make it more difficult for the body to resist and fight infections and to heal, resulting in frequent infections, especially skin infections and open, slow healing sores.

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