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The Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

Do you know the signs and symptoms of diabetes? If you answered no then believe me from personal experience it is essential that you do.

I have to be the first to admit that knowing the signs and symptoms of diabetes was never high on my list of priorities. That is until I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

For years we have been educated to look out for lumps appearing, skin blemishes that change their character and chest pain that comes on when the body is under stress or resting.

But how much have we been taught about pre diabetes symptoms? Speaking again from personal experience my pre-diabetes patient education was absolutely nil and that is probably the same for you. That situation for many is about to change as the number of diabetes cases rockets worldwide.

I am wise after the event when it comes to the symptoms of type 2 diabetes.  If I had been more aware the early symptoms of diabetes I could have started my treatment months earlier.

What are The Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes?

The first on the list of signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus is passing urine more frequently than usual, including nights being disturbed by urgent toilet calls. Of course there can be more than one medical reason for this discomfort such as a prostate problem. Once you start on your diabetes medication the problem is greatly reduced. Greatly reduced but not totally eliminated as you may eat something that has more glucose content than you think and your body does its best to dispose of the excess sugar.

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