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Top 5 Reasons to Date a Diabetic

I know it’s often hard to watch a loved one stab themselves with a needle, hook themselves up to multiple devices or watch their mood swings happen with their sugar.

So I wanted to point out a few advantages to your mate having Diabetes. Below, find the top 5 reasons to Date/marry a Diabetic.

1) When their sugar is normal, they never steal your half of the cheese cake, pie, chocolate pie ect…

2) Awesome pickup lines including: “Hey baby… I’m hypoglycemic… come over and give me some sugar.”

3) Free excuse for being late or leaving early…. “So sorry… he (she) forgot his (her) insulin!”

4) Whenever they are grumpy/mean, you can forgive them easily and blame it on high sugar.

5) They always know where the closest stash of Oreos are… and they also can tell you in an instant how to find a diet cokes…

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