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Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms in Babies

In type 1 diabetes (diabetes mellitus) immune system destroys beta cells, the insulin-producing cells of pancreas.  In children diabetes usually occurs quickly i.e. in duration of a week. The signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes in babies include

Frequent urination

A diabetic child frequently feels urge to empty their bladder, especially in the night. So they are prone to excessive frequent urination. When body glucose is not able to enter into body cells it gets accumulated in the blood, thus leading the patient to pass lot of urine.

Increased thirst

Your child will start frequently feeling thirsty. The excessive glucose in bloodstream of child pulls out the fluid from body tissues. Loss of fluid from the tissue makes child thirsty.

Blurred vision

If excessive sugar present in blood extracts fluid even from the eye lenses. This hampers their ability to focus.

Extreme hunger

Diabetic child tends to feel hungry most of the times. They often have large meals but still feel that they are hungry, this is due decreased insulin level.  Insufficient amount of insulin in the blood cell deplete energy of muscles and other organs of the child.

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