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Ways to Reduce your Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes have become very common a disease these days. Apart from the health issues it brings to your body, it also acts as a magnet for other diseases. The level of glucose in the blood rises above normal in a condition. Once you are diagnosed with this disease, you may think about nothing but a sugar free diet and controlled life. However, proper precautions can prevent occurrence of this disease. It was though that it is a disease of the older adults but today, even the children are suffering from it. Type2 diabetes starts with high level of sugar in the blood but it deteriorates various organs of the body gradually. It may lead to kidney diseases, heart diseases and premature death. Make these simple lifestyle changes in your daily life and to a great level, you will lower the risk of developing this disease.

23may2Weight Loss: People with high amount of fat and weight stored at their abdominal region are more prone to developing type2 diabetes. It has been observed that the cases of diabetes are increasing with the increase in obesity cases and both of these are considered co-related for their occurrences in same individual. Losing some pounds from your weight will assist in proper functioning if the insulin hormone and will prevent the risk of metabolic syndrome. Weight loss is one of the many ways to lower your risk of diabetes as well as keep yourself healthy.

Stay Physically Active: Exercising is good for health for any person. In case of a diabetic, it assists the cells in proper absorption of the insulin hormone so that the glucose level can be controlled. Better utilization of this hormone kills the need for excessive secretion of it by the pancreas. Exercises are to be done on a regular basis. Many of you might have a query here – what type of exercise is best for diabetes prevention? You can practice both aerobic and strength training exercises.

Drink Healthy: Soft drinks are rich in sugar and they are not good for your health as far as diabetes is concerned. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association proved that even one soft drink in a day can increase your chance of getting this disease. However, coffee is considered as a good option and it helps keeping your blood glucose into limit. 4 cups of coffee in a day is said to lower your risk by 50%. Choose plain coffee instead of sugary flavors of the same.

Make changes in your diet: Healthy diet is always essential for a healthy body. Processed carbohydrates often found in processed foods are bad for health and may raise your blood glucose level. It also increases the amount of insulin in the body and the body cells gradually develop resistance to insulin. It may lead to metabolic syndrome, which is a precursor of type 2 diabetes. Fiber rich food is also known to lower the risk of diabetes development.

Check for family history: If you have or had people in your family suffering from type 2 diabetes, it would be better to change your lifestyle and follow a preventive diet and lifestyle as soon as possible. Have healthy food and stay active.


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