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Weight Loss and Exercise for Diabetes

About 90% of people with diabetes suffer from Type 2 Diabetes or what is known as “obesity-related diabetes mellitus.” Additionally, statistics show that nine out of ten people diagnosed with diabetes are overweight.

Controlling diabetes may have a lot to do with controlling your weight. Since a person’s metabolism is directly related with the maintenance of normal levels of blood glucose in your body, managing your diabetes through weight loss and exercise may be effective as a treatment option. In fact, several experts advice weight loss and exercise as a method of managing diabetes.

Why Lose Weight and Exercise?

Ever heard of “cardiometabolic risk?” It simply means that if you have several metabolic problems at once – overweight, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure – you have a higher risk of developing serious complications like heart disease. Losing weight and exercising regularly will help improve these conditions and lower down your cardiometabolic risk of developing other more serious conditions.

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