Sell Your Diabetic Test Strips For Cash

Receive Cash For Diabetic Test Strips While Helping People In Need

Did you know that anybody with extra, unused and unwanted diabetic test strips can make a huge difference in the life of a person in need? Many diabetic American’s health insurance policies don’t cover all of the necessary diabetic testing supplies needed to keep the policyholder healthy. That’s where comes in. Selling your extra, unused diabetic testing supplies to allows diabetic people to receive precious testing supplies at a fraction of what they would pay in stores or pharmacies.

It’s common knowledge that every diabetic person in the world needs to have a meter and test strips, to test their blood sugar regularly. Many folks who have been diagnosed as having diabetes or their families will purchase or receive extra diabetic supplies and replenish those supplies before they’ve run out in the first place. When this occurs, perfectly good diabetic testing supplies goes unused. Since unused diabetic test strips have a relatively short shelf life, they are eventually disposed of and wasted entirely.  You can’t return them to the pharmacy or insurance company.  They will tell you to just throw them into the trash.

Unfortunately, monitoring your health with diabetes is expensive. Even with a great insurance plan or a comfortable financial background, buying diabetes testing supplies can still be a major expense. That’s why is here –  we buy unused diabetic testing supplies and sell them at a discounted price to people who wouldn’t be able to afford them otherwise.

With the help of, you can do tremendous good in the life of a person in need just by selling your unused diabetic test strips pays top dollar for unused and unwanted diabetic test strips.  Do you find yourself with diabetic test strips that you simply have no use for?  Contact us, today.  We will buy them from you.  Not only will this free up much needed space in your medicine cabinet, but it’ll also help a person in need. Depending on the brand of test strips, can offer as much as $40 per box of 100 diabetic test strips. And don’t worry – We’ll pay for shipping as well. We ensure a quick, free, and easy way to sell unused diabetic test strips.

Our company works tirelessly to guarantee the successful transfer of boxes of test strips that are unopened and in “like new” condition.  We hold ourselves to high standards.  We want to pay you, the seller, top dollar and provide our buyers with a fair discounted price that is much lower than they could ever get them for at their pharmacy or discount store. understands that creating a pleasant diabetic test strip selling experience is critical in your satisfaction as a strip seller.  As a courtesy, we’ll see that you are paid immediately, if you are using PayPal or as soon as we receive the test strips, if you prefer payment by check.  We use US Postal tracking numbers and this creates a transparent selling experience – which is designed to be fast and convenient for the seller. We accept packages that include as little as one box of diabetic test strips. Keeping the customer satisfied is among our main goals at

Selling your unused, unwanted diabetic supplies to is a great way to make some quick cash and help a person in need at the same time.

Of you have disposed of a surplus of diabetic test strips before, you may feel guilty throwing them away.  Not only are you wasting money when they throw away unused diabetic test strips, but you’re also wasting vital and expensive test strips, needed by uninsured diabetic people, to remain healthy and alive.

Upon further inspection, you may discover that you’ve even wasted a considerable amount of money on the unused diabetic testing supplies. Consider this: There are countless people around the world struggling to secure the diabetic testing supplies they require to ensure their blood sugar is where it should be and in turn, to ensure that they’re healthy. Those unused diabetic testing supplies can go to good use, with the help of

Our reliable online services give you the option to not only sell diabetic test strips, but donate all unused diabetic supplies as well.

Once you’ve sold your unused diabetic testing supplies, we sell those supplies to people who can’t afford to pay full price for the supplies they require to stay healthy. Supplying low-cost diabetic supplies to low income or uninsured diabetics is the main goal of The pharmaceutical industry often charges a lot of money for items that people with an illness need to monitor their health and live their lives healthily. doesn’t believe that diabetic people should have to decide to live without the supplies they need to monitor their health. For this reason, we buy and sell diabetic test strips, and other diabetic testing supplies, at a discounted price to people that wouldn’t be able to afford them otherwise. purchases unused diabetic test strips and sells them at a discounted price to people who desperately need them.

The unused diabetic supplies that are just taking up space in your medicine cabinet can be a life-saving treasure to people that are less fortunate than you. To sell unused diabetic test strips, just follow a few simple steps:

  • Before you sell your unused diabetic supplies, make sure that the expiration dates are at least 8 months from today. Test strips with an expiration date 8 months out will be purchased at full price; Test strips with an expiration date sooner than 8 months will be purchased at a discounted cost.
  • Organize the supplies you want to send over to us at We need to know the manufacturer name, the brand name, the count (50 or 100 per box), expiration date and the number of boxes you’d like to sell. Important: Do not tear off any labels. We cannot buy boxes that are torn or damaged in any way.  However, if you must remove the pharmacy label, use a hair dryer to heat up the label and it will usually peel right off, easily.  Remember: does do not accept damaged, crushed or torn boxes.

To request a free quote, start by telling us the brand, then strip count per box (50 or 100), associated expiration dates and how many boxes you’d like to sell.

Getting a quote is easy: Simply email us at [email protected] –  Alternatively, you can call or text us at (484) 350-4690. We will get right back with your price quote and shipping details. All that you have to do, is prepare the supplies for shipping and send them off. Then, you’re on your way to getting quick cash for test strips!

The final step to getting cash for diabetic test strips is shipping the supplies off to If you chose to get paid through PayPal, you’ll receive payment the same day you’ve shipped the unused diabetic supplies to us. If your preference is to be paid through check, payment will be sent out the same day we receive the unused diabetic supplies. After the first time, we’ll send the check the same day you ship the supplies to us.

Join in making life easier for people with diabetes.

With this information in mind, consider selling your unused diabetic supplies to We work to provide uninsured or financially challenged diabetics with the testing supplies they require to stay happy and healthy. Whether the diabetic person is uninsured, or just don’t have the financial support required to live healthily with diabetes, you can help out a person in need by selling your unused diabetic test strips to

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